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The Preschool program uses a play-based program to teach students. Play is widely accepted as the child's primary source of learning. Children are intrinsically motivated to play. They are capable learners who actively explore within an environment which has been carefully planned and prepared. The Preschool program covers all areas of development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. Children's needs in different developmental areas are observed and recorded and are then addressed within the program.

The Preschool program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, Being, Belonging and Becoming and complies with the National Quality Standards. Teachers ensure that content is at a level appropriate to the children's developmental needs. Children's interests are incorporated into the program. This ensures high motivation to learn. The Preschool program is designed to develop children's self esteem and positive attitudes to learning.
Transition to Kindergarten is seamless due to involvement with students and staff in other areas of the school.

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