School Board

The School Board

As in all public schools in the ACT, the Wanniassa Hills Primary School Board consists of:

The Principal of Wanniassa Hills Primary School
Two teacher representatives
Three parent representatives
A departmental or community representative

The functions of the board are:

  • To determine the educational policies to be implemented at the school
  • To assess the needs of the school in relation to the provision of buildings and facilities, equipment, funds and teachers and other staff and make recommendations to the Department with respect to meeting those needs
  • To determine the purposes for which funds made available to the school are to be expended
  • To develop relationships between the school and the community and between school and community organisations

If you would like to contact the School Board Chairperson ask the school for contact details.

If you would like to contact the President of the School's P&C Association ask the school for contact details.

School Policies which have been approved by the board can be viewed here.