Wanniassa Hills Parents and Citizens Association (WHPS P&C)

The WHPS P&C is made up of volunteers who work together to improve the school and enhance its students’ sense of community by:

  • encouraging and enabling collaboration among parents, students, the School Board, school staff, and the wider community, including via regular meetings and online forums;
  • running events such as the annual school fete, election day and other BBQs, school discos, Mothers and Fathers Day stalls, walk/ride to school days, special lunch days, and trivia nights and other social activities;
  • providing a new and pre-loved uniform service at the School; and
  • fundraising and providing desirable aids to education and supplementing the material requirements of the School.

All interested persons are welcome to attend WHPS P&C meetings, which are typically held around eight times a year on a Monday evening at 7pm at the school.  Dates and other information are shared on the Facebook group and email via secretary.whpspc@gmail.com.

The WHPS P&C is led by an Executive, which is elected at an Annual General Meeting, usually held in February.  However, everyone is welcome to propose ideas and volunteer to get things done to improve the school and enhance the students’ sense of community.

WHPS P&C Meeting Minutes and Constitution

WHPS P&C Facebook Group