Preschool Enrolment

Preschool enrolments begin on the first day of term 2. Children must have turned 4 by April 30th the year they attend preschool.  Enrolment packs are available at the Wanniassa Hills Primary School front office. Enrolments must be made online. Forms are available at Application to Enrol in an ACT public school OR go to Education Directorate website and follow the links.

Families need to bring:

  • An original birth certificate for the child enrolling
  • Proof of residence (current utilities bill, Please note a drivers licence will not be accepted)
  • Immunisation records for the child enrolling

Children who reside 'in area' (there is a map in the enrolment pack) are guaranteed a position.  Children who reside 'out of area' are placed on a waiting list (in order of enrolment) and will be offered positions if they are available after the 'in area' children have been placed.

We currently offer 3 groups:

  • Butterflies are Monday 9 – 3, Tuesday 9 – 3 and Wednesday 9-12
  • Dragonflies are Monday 9 – 3, Tuesday 9 – 3 and Wednesday 9 – 12
  • Ladybugs are Wednesday 12 – 3, Thursday 9 – 3 and Friday 9 – 3

Further information can be obtained by calling the front office on 61420600 or reading through the Preschool Handbook.